When we first discovered PC Clean Services we were not sure if these services are for us until we were given a free demo of their services. We realised how important it is to have clean desktop PCS for our work environment. The services we have received are fantastic. PC Clean are highly recommended.

Clarie Wright

Absolutely amazing services received from PC Clean. Our office equipment are now clean, germ free and looks like brand new. We now have signed a contract to clean our computer equipment on a regular basis. We are extremely happy. Thank you PC Clean.

Jo Buckland

PC Clean is a very good specialised cleaning company. They have tailored their cleaning programme to our requirement. We are happy to engage with the PC Clean to sanitise all our computer and electronic devices. The staff are very professional and provided a services to our company with a big smile. Highly recommended.

James Stevens

Great to have Karim Samani from PC Clean down at Nviron Ltd yesterday. We tested them out on one of our old laptops in storage to see what results we would get from a thorough clean, and after 5 minutes it was looking almost new! PC Clean guarantee that your workstations will be clear from 99.9% infectious spreadable bacteria and your workstation will look pristine.

Joe Denman

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